Disaster Planning Resources

Below are some online resources for institutions to plan and prepare for disasters. The North Carolina C2C project is ready to assist you with developing your plan. We will review your plan and offer suggestions on making your plan the best it can be for your institution, its collections, and your potential hazards.  

Museum SOS
This website has been created to disseminated information from the conference and as a continuing resource for anyone who is planning, mitigating or responding to an emergency situation in the context of a natural history collection.

dPlan can help you create a plan for disaster prevention and response. Enter data into the online template to create a customized disaster plan for your institution. This plan will help you prevent or mitigate disasters, prepare for the most likely emergencies, respond quickly to minimize damage if disaster strikes and recover effectively from disaster while continuing to provide services to your community.

Heritage Emergency National Task Force
The Heritage Emergency National Task Force is a partnership of 41 national service organizations and federal agencies created to protect cultural heritage from the damaging effects of natural disasters and other emergencies. The Task Force was founded in 1995 and is co-sponsored by Heritage Preservation and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Council of State Archivists Pocket Response Plan
The Pocket Response Plan (PReP) is intended to be customized for each institution and individual staff member. It is printed on both sides of a legal-size sheet of paper, then trimmed and folded to credit card size and stored in a Tyvek™ envelope that fits easily into a wallet.

Setting up a Disaster Relief Fund Guide
This booklet, created after the devastation of Hurricane Floyd, helps communities with understanding the steps to creating a disaster relief fund.